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Sui Gas is the commonly used term for natural gas in Pakistan. It is named after the town of Sui in Balochistan province, where the country’s first natural gas field was discovered in the 1950s. The Sui Gas field remains one of the largest and most significant gas reserves in Pakistan.

Here are some key points about Sui Gas in Pakistan:

  1. Discovery and Exploration: The Sui Gas field was discovered in 1952 by the Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC), which later became the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL). This marked the beginning of the natural gas industry in Pakistan.
  2. Importance of Sui Gas: The discovery of the Sui Gas field was a major breakthrough for Pakistan as it provided a reliable and cost-effective source of energy. Natural gas from Sui Gas field is used for various purposes, including domestic, commercial, and industrial applications, as well as power generation.
  • Published on : 18-05-2023
  • Last Date : 28-05-2023
  • Source : Dawn
  • Job Location : Karachi

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