Punjab C&W (Communication and Works) Department

The Punjab Department of Communication and Works (C&W) in Pakistan is a government department responsible for infrastructure development, construction, and maintenance within the province of Punjab.

The primary functions of the Punjab C&W Department in Pakistan include:

  1. This involves conducting feasibility studies, project formulation, and ensuring compliance with engineering standards and specifications.
  2. Construction and Project Management: The Punjab C&W Department oversees the construction phase of infrastructure projects, including tendering, contract management, and project supervision. They ensure that projects are executed efficiently, on time, and within budget.
  3. Maintenance and Rehabilitation: The department is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure assets. This includes periodic inspections, routine maintenance, and necessary repairs to ensure the longevity and functionality of public infrastructure.
  4. Road Network Management: The Punjab C&W Department manages the road network within the province, including the planning and implementation of road maintenance programs, traffic management, and road safety initiatives.
  5. Procurement and Contracting: The department handles procurement processes, including the preparation of tender documents, evaluation of bids, and awarding of contracts for infrastructure projects. They ensure transparency, fairness, and compliance with government procurement regulations.
  6. Quality Control and Assurance: The Punjab C&W Department ensures that infrastructure projects meet quality standards and specifications. They conduct inspections, quality control tests, and monitor construction activities to ensure compliance with the required standards.
  • Senior Manager (Structure)
  • Asst Manager (Structure)
  • Asst Manager (Architecture)
  • Draftsman
  • Documentation Assistant

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