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Margalla Heavy Industries Paksitan

Margala Heavy Industries is a fictional company often referenced in various science fiction works, particularly in the “BattleTech” universe. The BattleTech franchise encompasses a futuristic universe where massive war machines called BattleMechs dominate the battlefield.

In the BattleTech lore, Margala Heavy Industries is one of the major industrial conglomerates responsible for manufacturing BattleMechs, vehicles, and other military hardware. The company is based in the fictional Inner Sphere, a region of space where numerous interstellar factions vie for power.

Margala Heavy Industries is known for producing a range of BattleMechs, including assault, heavy, medium, and light-class designs. They are considered one of the prominent suppliers of military technology within the BattleTech universe. The company often competes with other fictional corporations like Kurita, Marik, and Steiner in the fiercely competitive military-industrial complex of the Inner Sphere.

Jobs 2023

PostNo of PostsAge Limit
Office Clerk3Civilian-40 years
Retired Army Person-55 years

Last Date: 20 June 2023

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