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Ministry of Climate Change

The Ministry of Climate Change in Pakistan is a government department responsible for formulating policies, implementing programs, and coordinating initiatives related to climate change and environmental conservation in Pakistan. Its primary goal is to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and promote sustainable development.

The Ministry of Climate Change is responsible for various functions, including:

  1. Policy Formulation: It develops and implements policies related to climate change mitigation, adaptation, and environmental conservation. These policies aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote renewable energy, conserve natural resources, and address the impacts of climate change on various sectors.
  2. International Cooperation: It coordinates with other countries and organizations to enhance international cooperation on climate change issues.
  3. Environmental Protection: The ministry works towards protecting and conserving the environment through various initiatives. It promotes sustainable land management, biodiversity conservation, and the preservation of natural resources.
  4. Climate Change Adaptation: The ministry develops strategies and programs to help communities and sectors adapt to the impacts of climate change.
  5. Research and Development: The ministry supports research and development efforts related to climate change and environmental conservation. It funds scientific studies, promotes innovation, and collaborates with research institutions to improve understanding and address the challenges posed by climate change.

The Ministry of Climate Change plays a crucial role in Pakistan’s efforts to address climate change and promote sustainable development. It works in collaboration with other government departments, non-governmental organizations, and international partners to achieve its objectives.

Jobs 2023

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  • Stenotypist(BPS-14)
  • LDC ( BPS-11)
  • Naib Qasid (BPS-01)

Total Seats : 9

Last Date: 29-06-23

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