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The Overseas Pakistanis Foundation is a government organization in Pakistan that caters to the needs of Pakistani citizens residing abroad. It was established in 1979 under the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development.

The primary objective of OPF is to support and facilitate overseas Pakistanis in various areas, including employment, education, housing, health, and investment opportunities. Some of the services provided by OPF include:

  1. Employment Placement: OPF assists overseas Pakistanis in finding employment opportunities in Pakistan through its Overseas Employment Promoters.
  2. Education Services: OPF runs educational institutions and scholarships programs for the children of overseas Pakistanis. It also facilitates the equivalence of foreign qualifications for those returning to Pakistan.
  3. Housing Schemes: OPF offers housing schemes and projects specifically designed for overseas Pakistanis. These projects provide affordable housing options and are located in major cities of Pakistan.
  4. Legal Assistance: OPF provides legal assistance and support to overseas Pakistanis in matters related to property disputes, inheritance, and other legal issues.
  5. Investment Opportunities: OPF promotes investment opportunities in Pakistan to overseas Pakistanis and helps them navigate the process of starting businesses or investing in various sectors.

Overall, OPF plays a crucial role in connecting overseas Pakistanis with their home country and provides them with various services to facilitate their engagement and contribution to Pakistan’s development.

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